Writing an about section makes me feel like I'm embarking on some sort of awkward online dating adventure.

My name is Krystle and when first describing myself the word I like to use is dabbler. I'm one of those people who likes to do so many different things that they never really get quite fantastic at any of them. I love journaling, live band karaoke, and eating. Currently I reside in Dallas with my husband Michael. No pets. No kids. I can barely keep my air plants alive. I work in the advertising industry doing nothing glamorous. Life is simple.


Why did you leave Harley & Jane?
This was a joint decision by both Kayla and myself. After dedicating 4+ years to the space we have both seen a lot of change and growth in ourselves. When we started the blog we envisioned a space dedicating to crafting and fashion, but now our interests no longer align with the original blog objectives. I am more interested in lifestyle blogging for memory keeping purposes and Kayla is more interested in the simple blog free life, but don't worry, we're still best friends.


The Collaboreat - Chicago City Guide

Other questions? Just holler krystledarlingblog@gmail.com