Monday, January 2, 2017

Setting a word of intention is something that I started last year with the word trust. While I don’t feel like it overwhelmingly impacted my life, I do feel that it made a difference in a few key areas. My word was True and I applied it in a couple of ways:

1. I felt like I listened to my gut more. I am beginning to have a clearer idea of what is important to me and what isn’t. When something doesn’t fit with my views instead of forcing it to, I am letting it go.

2. I was able to trust in the process. I started attending therapy this last year. I have known that it is something that I have needed to do for a long time, but always felt that paying someone $150 an hour to listen to me complain wasn’t worth it. I didn’t need it. Or so I thought. I have only been attending weekly for about three months but what a world of difference it has made. My head is clearer, I more fully understand the direction of life I want to take, and I am learning more everyday what I need to do to feel happy.

3. I am feeling more and more like Dallas is home. That one is a little bit of a stretch because is it really that I am trusting in some divine plan to put us here or is it just that we have friends/family now? Either way, I am counting it and it is good.

Overall, a good word for a good year.

For this year I had initially wanted to choose the word “health” to help focus more on both my emotional and physical health. I feel that is key for me this year. After some additional thinking I am decided to scratch it and choose the word “enough” pretty impulsively. We watched a minimalism documentary last week that really resonated with me and after I read this blog post today my decision was locked.

I am enough. I have enough. Enough enough enough.

So here we go 2017.

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