More Self Indulgent Photos

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

I feel really lucky that Michael and I get to take so many photos. By now it is old hat, we run, we frolic, we hold hands, and we look damn good doing it. My friend Kirsten was visiting and she was generous enough to take these gorgeous pictures for us. They definitely capture this time in life for us. We life in Texas, its kind of green, but it is also kinda not. If you have been to Dallas, this just looks so Dallas. These were taken in Plano about 5 mins away from Michael's work. Also, he has shaved off his beard already and I am so happy that these capture that. He doesn't have a beard in any of our other photos. Thank you so much Kirsten! Check out her work here.


Monday, January 2, 2017

Setting a word of intention is something that I started last year with the word trust. While I don’t feel like it overwhelmingly impacted my life, I do feel that it made a difference in a few key areas. My word was True and I applied it in a couple of ways:

1. I felt like I listened to my gut more. I am beginning to have a clearer idea of what is important to me and what isn’t. When something doesn’t fit with my views instead of forcing it to, I am letting it go.

2. I was able to trust in the process. I started attending therapy this last year. I have known that it is something that I have needed to do for a long time, but always felt that paying someone $150 an hour to listen to me complain wasn’t worth it. I didn’t need it. Or so I thought. I have only been attending weekly for about three months but what a world of difference it has made. My head is clearer, I more fully understand the direction of life I want to take, and I am learning more everyday what I need to do to feel happy.

3. I am feeling more and more like Dallas is home. That one is a little bit of a stretch because is it really that I am trusting in some divine plan to put us here or is it just that we have friends/family now? Either way, I am counting it and it is good.

Overall, a good word for a good year.

For this year I had initially wanted to choose the word “health” to help focus more on both my emotional and physical health. I feel that is key for me this year. After some additional thinking I am decided to scratch it and choose the word “enough” pretty impulsively. We watched a minimalism documentary last week that really resonated with me and after I read this blog post today my decision was locked.

I am enough. I have enough. Enough enough enough.

So here we go 2017.