Danish Christmas Party

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Michael and I are growing up. We have finally hosted our first Christmas party... at my parents home in Prosper. We are working our way up there. Inspired by Michael's mom Susanne and her epic holiday parties we decided to host one of our own. A Danish Christmas feast with all the fixings. A traditional Danish dinner consists of the following items:

Flaeskesteg - A Pork Roast with the skin left on
Brown Christmas Potatoes - Little boiled potatoes covered in melted sugar and butter
Red Cabbage
Brown Sauce - Gravy town
Risalamange - A rice pudding dessert

The hardest thing to find in America is a blasted pork roast with the skin, but luckily we found a local butcher that was able to find us something pretty close. We ran around all day Saturday morning looking for all the fixings and then started prepping everything as the party got closer. We even bought two rotisserie chickens from Costco just in case something went terribly wrong with the meat. It didn't! Lucky for us Henrik and Susanne allowed us to wake them up at 3AM their time for help with the potatoes.

Our friends came over dressed in their finest, looking extremely dapper. The Danish meal turned out delicious, we only burnt the flaeskesteg a little bit. We went around the table and told the stories of how we all met. It was highly entertaining. Very fun to get to know all the back stories. We had a little "photobooth" wall were we got to take some pictures. If you go to a party and don't take pictures did it even happen? After we were done being fancy we changed into pajamas and did a white elephant gift exchange. Michael got a squatty potty and he was so happy. I was terrified that someone was going to spill this in my parents living room. Lucky for us no one did. Also read the comments. We ate dessert, Amanda found the whole almond in the dessert so she got a prize, we played some charades, the everyone left and we went to sleep. Success I say!

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