Big Magic

Monday, April 4, 2016

I just finished the book Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert and I feel compelled to tell you about it. 

Often in creative endeavors I feel the resounding pressure of “What’s the point?” That was my first reaction when I thought that I wanted to start weaving. Thinking oh there are so many talented people and they all do it so much better than me so why bother? But here is the thing, when we ask ourselves “What’s the point?” sometimes the answer can be “Just because I want to.”

It can be that simple.

The reality is, that most likely, it HAS been done before, but it has never been done before by you. Elizabeth Gilbert outlines a lot of this thinking in her book and debunks common misconceptions regarding creativity. The over arching message that I took away was that we need to be in tune with ourselves and out of tune with the rest of the world. Let go of perfection. Creation can be done for creations sake and we need not seek the approval of those in the world laying in wait to weigh in.

So move forward friends. Keep making things. Keep sharing things.

“You are worthy, dear one, regardless of the outcome. You will keep making your work, regardless of the outcome. You will keep sharing your work, regardless of the outcome. You were born to create, regardless of the outcome. You will never lose trust in the creative process, even when you don’t understand the outcome.”

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  1. 💗💗💗💗 so good. I need to read this.