Tuesday, October 13, 2015

There are some ages in life that you never think you will reach. For me 26 is one of those numbers. I don’t know why. To me 26 is much more serious than 25. If you are goofing off at 25 that is understandable, but if you at goofing off at 26 then what are you doing with your life? Everyone reading this that is older than 26 is shaking their heads and rolling their eyes. I see you.

I am getting older and it’s strange. I still feel 16.
Except for now I only have to listen to my parents if I want to.

So much has changed over the past year. I've lived in three different apartments. Moved from Illinois to Texas. Changed Jobs. Opened an Etsy Shop. Traveled to Portland, Copenhagen, Sweden, Utah, Idaho, Kentucky, Indiana, NYC, North Carolina & Austin, TX. Decided to get honest with myself. Let go of guilt. A brother got married. A sister went to college. I gained some weight.

I am feeling more comfortable in my own skin. I don’t look in the mirror anymore with self hate. I am trying to look at things objectively and decide what I think about them. Trying to form my own opinions. Do gut checks. Say no. Make sure that I am not bandwagon jumping. Or bandwagon jumping sometimes and not feeling bad about it. Letting myself be emotional. Finally getting finances under control.

I feel happy.

Things I love: Diet Coke with Lime. Michael. Taylor Swift. Gilmore Girls. Snapchat. Madewell. Family.
Things I hate: Uncomfortable Clothing. Short jokes (you think I haven’t heard those before?).
Most frequent question: “When are you guys having kids?”
Normal Day: Wake up around 7:30, get to work before 9am, work work, eat, work, go to an exercise class, home, dinner, tv, read, bed.
Everyday Shoes: Birkenstocks.
Fave Outfit: Leggings with an oversized mens t-shirt.

And that is the state of the union as it belongs to Krystle.  


  1. I honestly can not get over this picture of you. You are so, so pretty. And seriously the coolest.

  2. We get the "When are you having kids?" question pretty often too. The other day my little sister told me that my brother's girlfriend and his friend's wife were discussing how weird it was that my husband and I haven't had kids yet . . . and when I heard that I was like "What?? We've just barely been married a year!" Haha

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