Thursday, September 3, 2015

In an effort to improve my photography skills I have decided that I need to take more photos with my real camera. We all love iPhones but sometimes a DSLR is just better. The way I have decided to go about this is by using the A Beautiful Mess Capture Real life in 52 Weeks E-course. This should be a fun way to preserve my year along with improving my photography skills. Here is week 1's challenge:

Morning: First thing Michael and I do in the morning is check our phones. Duh. I was able to catch our apartment on a day after we had cleaned everything so it looked so tidy and cute. What I wouldn't give for white walls. Ah the renters life. This was also the rare morning where I actually ate breakfast.
Night: I normally don't like taking pictures unless I can do it in natural light so this was a stretch for me. This night I was responding to my Pen Pals and I always catch up on snap chat right before I go to bed.
Does anyone else have this E-course?  


  1. Yes!
    I did the first week and have become completely overwhelmed with other things to even start on week two. I'm hoping to start back up soon though!
    Your snail mail collection is absolutely wonderful. ;)

  2. I love this idea! I'm going to hop on over and check out the challenge!

    Dearest Lou