Him & Her // Dallas Edition

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Him: Cane Rosso Pizza
Her: Sanabels Falafal Wrap

Him: Lil' Dickey, Wu Tang Clan, Intuition & Equalibrum
Her: The Wind & The Wave, The Weepies, T. Swift

Him: Silver iPhone 6
Her: Gold iPhone 6

Him: Danish Gummies
Her: Diet Coke with lime

Him: Tweeting before bed (@perkins_michael)
Her: Snapchatting before bed (@krystleperkins)

Him: Scion
Her: Honda

Him: Terriers
Her: Gilmore Girls
Both: Borgen & ANTM

Him: 29
Her: 25 (almost 26!)

Him: Playing pool while watching Netflix
Her: Weaving while watching Netflix

Him: Khaki shorts and his story plot t-shirt
Her: Leggings and an oversized mens Abominable Snowman tee

Him: German Sheppard
Her: Labradoddle

Him: Works from Home
Her: 10 minute commute

I used to do a bunch of these posts over at Harley & Jane. They are fun.  

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  1. So glad you're doing these again! I love reading them!!