4th Year Anniversary Photos

Friday, August 28, 2015

A lot has changed for us this past year. A new city, 2 new jobs, 1 niece, 1 nephew, a couple of trips, some self improvement. It's been hard and good. Kind of like taking these pictures. We quite literally scaled a building to get up on the top of this parking garage and it was very worth it. I think it kind of looks like outer space in a very awesome way.

I wish I had some sage marriage advice or a post titled "10 things I have learned about marriage" up my sleeve but I don't. Sometimes it is really wonderful, but it is also terribly hard figuring out how to share your entire life with someone. I honestly feel a bit mad at times trying to even it all out.

What I can say is there is nothing quite like someone waiting for you to come to bed. Knowing that at the end of every long day there is someone, somewhere, waiting for you to rest your head on the pillow next to theirs. That someone is always there for you in your successes and failures. It makes the successes richer and the failures softer. You get a hug either way. Michael is very good at listening and making me feel validated. Encouraging me to pursue my goals. He reminds me to be compassionate and soft. He's my very best friend. Marriage is a lot of work but my life is so much better because he is in it. They do say that the best things in life come with the most effort. And maybe that's not very glamorous or romantic but it is instead very very good.

I love that everywhere we move somehow gets reflected in these photos that we take. If it had been a different time these would have been taken at some little indoor studio on a bedazzled background. I'm glad its 2015. Photos by the Extremely talented Allison Harp.


  1. Happy 4th Anniversary! Fantastic pics!

  2. I bought that same dress!!! Happy Anniversary you guys!! These photos look so good.