16 is the worst

Saturday, June 20, 2015

I was thinking about high school the other day and how many decisions I made that make me cringe. I could just chalk it up to the whole learning to navigate the world thing, but mostly they are choices where I set myself up for injury.

If there is anything that growing up has done for me it has made me confident in my choices and gave me an understanding that I have worth and value. I am not perfect at remembering this, but I know when to look at something and think it is ridiculous instead of being sad. I guess you could say that I have really obtained a sense of humor for this little ol' life of mine. Just because something is sad does not mean the world is ending.

So back to high school.

I was thinking specifically about when I was a very young 16 and had just broken up with my first ever "official" boyfriend. We broke up because he had no money and asked me to pay for everything. Cringe-Cringe-Cringe. However, that is not the point of this story. The point is that even after we broke up I thought maybe we could stay friends and it might lead to something down the road once he matured, because obviously we were "destined" for each other. Cringe-Cringe-Cringe.

We were talking one day and he was lamenting about how he didn't have a spot to park at high school. I think this was because he forgot to pay for it or didn't have the money? Whatever the circumstances, me in my 16 year-old mind came up with a brilliant idea and said, "Hey, I live pretty close to school, why don't you just park in my driveway and ride with me. Then whenever I can't drive you you'll be close enough to walk."

Oh little krystle. How nice and naive you were. Such an innocent gestured riddled with so much teen angst.

This arrangement went on for a couple weeks without incident. He was nice. I liked spending time and keeping tabs on him. That hardest part about breaking up is when the other person moves on so I liked keeping myself fully informed.

Then this.

One day I had to leave school early. I have no idea what for, but I drove home early and saw his car parked in the driveway, per usual, but something was different. I pulled in and walked over and what? was? all? over? his? car? Oreos? Crepe paper? What is this?


Let that sink in for a while.

This is one of those moments when your jaw-dropping is the only way to describe it. My little 16 year old heart was broken and now it was crushed. What would someone normally do in this situation? That I am not sure because I don't think something like this can ever be thrown in the normal category. I was devastated. How could she. How could this girl, who had known that we had dated for 9 months, have the audacity to ask him to prom in my driveway? Thank heaven for mothers that pull you into a tight hug and then run out the door for some Ben & Jerry's. I think I texted him, but I'm not sure. If I did, I am sure it was a string of incoherent text-ranting that I hate to say accompanied my early cell phone owning days a little too much. Plus each text cost me .10 cents each to send. Stupid pre paid phones.

After school he came to pick up his truck, knocked on the door and said he was sorry. That he didn't know if was going to happen.


I guess that was nice of him. He could have just driven away.

I think I said something like, "I don't think you should park here anymore" and then he didn't. I saw that girl at school the next day and I didn't say anything. I kept a pretty low profile and rocking the boat wasn't something I really considered. 25 year old krystle would probably handle this whole situation very differently. She probably would never have let her lame* ex-boyfriend park in her driveway in the first place and you bet for damn sure some boat rocking would happen.

And isn't that one of the great things that comes with age? Using situations and setting up circumstances that will make you happy. Seeing the terrible end before it even begins. At least sometimes. So that's it. A little story about what seemed, at the time, to be one of the worst moments of my life and it is something I want to remember.

*he actually turned out to be a very nice man in case you were wondering.  

Dallas Eats // Kenny's Wood Fire Grill

Monday, June 15, 2015

Sometimes you are just sitting around, doing nothing, looking at yelp and and you see a restaurant in the neighborhood with 4.6 stars and you decide to treat yourself, because its Friday and you made it through another week of adulthood. (This is basically the summary of Michael and I every Friday night. Like we cannot not eat out. It's impossible. And yes this picture quality is lovely.)

Here's the Sitch 
Place: Kenny’s Wood Fire Grill 
Order: The menu here is totally manageable, one page, but when our server came over and told us the specials we were sold. The meal starts off with their speciality made bread, that is akin to a Yorkshire pudding but a little more dense- THIS BREAD I WILL HAVE DREAMS OF FOREVER. And they give you as much as you want, so keep ‘em coming. Then we went for the Steak Crostini as an app and the meat was perfectly cooked. For dinner I pre-gamed with a caesar salad then ordered the salmon special and it just melted on my tongue. A Salmon filet over a butter cream sauce with an heirloom tomato garnish and a balsamic vinegar drizzle. YUM. Michael when for the Surf & Turf, a filet mignon with a lump crab cake covered in bernaise sauce. The filet was cook to a perfect medium and we find that is incredibly hard to deliver for most places. Each of these dishes came with a choice of one of their delicious sides so we shared the potato cakes and mac & cheese. I think the best part about this meal was that each piece elevated the other. Everything was working together. We finished off the night with a bread pudding that we are positive is the best one we have ever had. They made it with croissants, so don’t let me even begin to wonder what the calorie count was on this bad boy. All I know is we have eaten at a lot of places since moving to Dallas and this place, by far, blew our expectations. We can’t wait to go back.
Price: $140 (including tip, you can get out of here for a lot less, we just went a little crazy with the specials which tend to be the most expensive items)
Atmosphere: It feels like a dark moody steak house in the best possible way. It’s cozy inside and I feel like that is hard to find in Dallas because everything looks like it was built in a strip mall. We were able to sit at the Chef’s table which meant we had a first hand look into the kitchen. That was so fun! We loved having so much activity going on and see all the steaks being cooked and the food being plated. Our server, Richard, was extremely attentive, as was the whole staff. I am not sure if they are always like this or if we were getting special treatment for being at the Chef’s table, but either way we loved it. Their motto is “Everyday is a Holiday and every meal is a feast!” Pretty great words to live by if you ask me. With: Michael Husband
Rating: 5/5 Stars. GO GO GO GO and take me with you.

When My Head Hits The Pillow

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

There was a time when you encompassed my thoughts, my goals, and my dreams. Now you are an after thought. Something I scarcely remember before my head hits the pillow. A quick fleeting thought produced by years and years and years of habits that never fade.

And for now that is fine with me and maybe it’s not fine with God, but so far I am not sure.

My Favorite Place

Thursday, June 4, 2015

A couple weekends ago Michael and I flew back to Chicago to celebrate with one of our friends who was turning 30! I thought it might be hard to go back so soon after moving and while I was partly right, it was also just a really great weekend.

It felt like home. The people and sights made it feel that way. I had to drag everyone else downtown on Sunday afternoon but I had to see my lovely city. I spent almost every day of my life working down town. Nothing like glancing out your cubical and seeing the marina towers staring back at you.