Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Lately I have taken up weaving as a new hobby. There is just something so gratifying about creating something with your hands. Taking a bunch of different pieces and making it become something else. Creating a new whole. I love the creative process because sometimes I will start with a specific idea in mind but then the process will take me somewhen else. Here are a few that I have made lately!

Lots of people have been asking, "Are you going to sell them? Are you going to open an Etsy shop?" the short answer to that is I don't know. It could be cool but at the same time I don't want it to become a business. Right now I just really love doing it when I can and doing it for the me. However on the flip side, I can't keep making these bad boys and keeping them around or else all the walls in our apartment are going to be covered.

What I know is I like using this part of my brain. My creative brain for creative sake. I miss my white walls from Chicago and wish I had someone to help with this whole photography situation, but on the whole I am happy with it.

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