Dallas Eats // Generator Coffee House

Thursday, March 19, 2015

I never knew how much I needed yelp until I moved to Texas. I use yelp for EVERYTHING and yelp is what directed me to this adorable locally owned joint. Last Saturday Michael and I were in the mood for brunch, but didn't really want to hit up waffle house. We also knew that we needed to find pie because if you don't eat pie on Pi Day then what is the point?

Now what does one do when they are new to the area and know nothing? Normally you would ask a friend, but we don't have any (I know depressing), so lucky for us - GOOGLE! YELP! Our new/only best friends. After searching around we found Generator and decided to give it a go. I am so happy that we did. Just driving into the charming little downtown Garland area we knew we were on the right track. Any sort of eating establishment flanked with an antique store on the right and a town square in front is right up my alley. There was even a bunch of cute friends taking pictures together. Memories. Precious.

I really enjoyed my time with Michael there. We played a handmade wooden version of connect 4 and while we were playing I felt connected (yes pun) to him for whatever reason. You know how sometimes you can be with someone but not actually paying any attention to them? Well this wasn't like that and I was happy. We were both stuffing our faces and loving each other and it was great.

Here's the Sitch
Place: Generator Coffee House & Bakery located in Garland, Texas (not really Dallas Dallas, but whatever, it's all Dallas to me at this point.)
Order: A slice of spinach quiche, an egg croissant sandwich, a BLT, two slices of pie (one pecan, one french coconut), and two Mexican Cokes. The spinach quiche was for sure the stand out. They make their own crust that scrumptious. You can't beat homemade in my opinion! Store crusts be damned! The BLT was also super crisp, with the perfect amount of Mayo. I appreciated that. Because we went on Pie day, the most epic pie day of all - 3.14.15! 
Price: We spent about $35 including a tip.
Atmosphere: Super cozy and unpretentious. You know how sometimes those cool hip trendy spots somehow make you feel lets trendy and cool and hip? Well this place is nothing like that. It is a charming store front with an even cozier interior. Brick walls! Patio Twinkle Lights! Excessive use of exclamation point? Check. The sweetest woman was working the cash register. Tons of variety with the patronage. There was PLENTY of seating and boards games that you could take to your table to play. Local artist artwork hanging on the wall. This place really gave me hope that perhaps Dallas was this soulless chain restaurant extravaganza that I was expecting. 
With: Michael Husband
Rating: I would say 4.5, mostly because of the Spinach Quiche. I will eat this again.

A DAY IN THE LIFE Road Trip // 3.7.2015

Friday, March 13, 2015

Things you should know:
We were delirious for a majority of this.
This was supposed to be a 13 hour road trip It took us around 18 hours.
We like to stop at antique stores and take a lot of bathroom breaks.
I didn't have one McDonald's diet coke on this whole trip.


The first question people ask you is "what do you do?" and for the longest time my answer has been "I'm an account executive in advertising. I work on McDonald's National advertising. Did you see the Super Bowl?" My bright shiny braggy proud answer. A badge of honor I wear to show how hard I have worked and where I have came from.

I loved telling people that the reason we moved to Chicago was for my job. My feminist ego bursting forth breaking stereotypical mormon norms. Moving somewhere for the woman. Pursuing her career. But here we are now, me following the man. To Dallas of all places. No friends, no job, a temporary apartment.

As I say this understand that we made this decision as a couple, 100% aligned that this is what is right for our future together. Secretly I thought it would be nice. Take a couple of months off, look for something new, have a little break from a church calling etc. etc. But it's harder than I thought. And it's only been two days. Call me a whiner if you want. I think the struggle is dealing with ambiguity for what is next. What I want.

When people ask me what I do what do I tell them? I didn't understand that so much of what I am proud of in my life relates to my job. To me this realization is sad and a little shocking. I can have all of these creative hobbies, but all of a sudden I don't have a "real" job that puts money on the table and I'm questioning my self worth. Being stripped of my identity is strange but I'm not sure I'm ready to jump back into something again quickly. I want to choose the right thing for me and I haven't really even started looking for something else yet.

So I guess I'll just unpack my apartment, make some dinner, and work on figuring out why I have such an issue with not having a job. Maybe I'll even start working out.

Goodbye Chicago Apartment

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

This is our Chicago apartment. The place we call home. Or called I supposed. Moving here was such a dream. Leaving our dark garden apartment for a place with hardwood floors and light. So much light! Michael found it on Craigslist and knew it was the one before we even saw it. We walked in, looked around for 5 minutes and decided to take it. Followed our instincts like old champs.

We asked them to paint the walls white, they used to be yellow, and what a grand difference it was. Is there anything better in a home than a crisp white wall? I'm convinced not. The ceilings were tall! We had a washer and dryer! A dishwasher! Luxury city living. Our apartment always smelled a touch like coffee. The smell from Starbucks seeping up through the floor. At first it was weird but then it was just home. A welcome smell. The aroma of coffee embraced by two non coffee drinkers.

We had dreams of installing built in bookcases and buying a new couch, but now we will dream of those items for a new space. Our time here was cut a little short with our sudden move to Dallas, but I am thankful for the time we had and the memories that we made. So here are a few photos. I took pictures with my real camera, but it is somewhere in storage and I am feeling nostalgic today. Maybe I'll update them later. A little tiny tour, of our little tiny Chicago apartment. iPhone only.

More photos after the break AND I am also including the listing that Michael wrote in order to find someone to take over our lease after the break because it was hilarious and I want to remember it.