Wednesday, December 2, 2015

This was a great year because we didn't have to travel very far. We loaded up our car and drove 30 miles north to my parents house. It's a new thing, this whole living close to family.

Michael and I have been on our own for 4 years. Living across the country and world from both sets of parents. I think this was a blessing. We had to learn to rely on each other. So I didn't know about living so close. I was skeptical. Would the family meddle? Show up unannounced? Annoy me?

I probably sound like a grinch,

So far none of that has happened and it has just turned out to be really fantastic and great. I have a younger brother and sister that still live at home. I moved out when they were relatively young. I am enjoying this season where I can get to know them better and spend time with them growing up. Not a luxury a lot of oldest siblings are afforded. My mom and I have lunch dates once a week. We go up to their house almost every weekend. It's fun and I like it.

We picked up my sister on Wednesday afternoon from the airport and went straight to 6 Flags. My brother is obsessed with 6 Flags and getting it out of the way on Wednesday meant we didn't have to hear about it every second for 4 days in a row. Roller coasters scare me more than they used to.

On Thanksgiving it rained, rained, and rained some more. The best kind of weather for sitting inside eating and not feeling bad about it. With my sister home from college I trying to convince her to drop out and ruin her life so we can spend more time together. My other brother couldn't make it because he is newly married and poor.

My dad, sister Caitlyn, and Michael ran the Turkey Trot, while my mom, me, my sister Kadence and brother Cameron slept in.

Michael made the turkey this year. He is like a real adult or something cooking all the time. I don't mind it at all because I always get to feast on his hard labors. Plus he usually does the dishes too because he's nice and I hate it.

On Friday night we decided we HAD to have a Christmas tree so in the pouring rain we ventured over to Costco, picked a tree, and as the rain was pelting sideways, we attempted to load it into a car that was a little too small for a tree and all the people we had brought along. Non of us wore seat belts on the way home.

We watched cheesy Christmas movies, played canasta, decorated for christmas, had Mario Kart tournaments and ate way too much. Plus we didn't go do the whole Blacnk Friday thing this year. Might have been my favorite Thanksgiving yet.

the timing of things

Thursday, November 19, 2015

There are a lot of people that ask about timing. The timing of our future plans and our life together.

If there is one thing that has been true for Michael and I’s relationship it is that anything that has to do with future plans is completely outside of our control. As the old saying goes, tell God your plans and listen to him laugh.

Right now we are in Dallas and if we are being totally honest- it isn’t our favorite.

Is it right? Sure. Is it super fun? Sometimes. Is this the place I want to live forever? Not yet.

We really thought that we would be in Chicago for a long long time. We dreamed of a condo in a cool part of town and accepted that tortuous winters were a part of our existence for the foreseeable future. But things changed. We felt so strongly that we needed to move so that is what we did. The city of concrete.

People ask us about kids. All. The. Time. The truth is that we both want kids, we really do want a family, but again with the whole timing thing. It’s not right. We know it. So again, our plans are turning out a little differently than we anticipated.

I don’t know what lies ahead. I don’t know where we will be in 10, 5, or even 3 years. I just have no freaking clue. But I am grateful that I have a teammate that is pretty much game for anything and that he has the capability to really chill me the hell out. Type A personality much?

So we talk about dreams and hopes and work towards those. While trying not to feel too much like failures as we see all the other people our age buying houses and having kids.

We are where we are and tomorrow is a fresh start.  

it's raining outside

Friday, October 30, 2015

I woke up today and it was dark in my bedroom. Normally by 7:45 the sun is up, but not today. Today the sky is covered by a swirling mess of gray gloomy clouds.

It is alternating between small showers and large drops. I had to use windshield wipers on my way to work. Clipping back and forth against the water falling from the sky. People in Texas don't know how to drive in the rain, but on a day like today I can't help but forgive them quickly.

Moody weather makes me feel comfortable. Calm. It makes me feel like moving a little slower. Like staying at home. On days where the rain falls you are allowed to spend a day indoors without the guilt of missing the incredible outdoors.

The rain reminds me of my childhood in the Pacific Northwest. Gray skies were normal and the sun was not. Playing soccer games through the pelting rain. Ponchos and rain jackets and umbrellas, but mostly always just choosing to go without.

Most days after I got home from school I would have to change my jeans because they were soaked up past my calf.

Attending college in Utah I was always surprised by the consecutive days of sun. And now Texas, the land full of Sun. But not today.

Today, blanketed by cloudy skies, Texas feels a little more like home.  

Dallas Eats // Spork

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

I have nice coworkers. Not only do they call the radio station everyday when I am trying to win taylor swift tickets, then buy me said tickets when I don't win them, but they also take me to rad places for lunch. This lunch just so happened to be my birthday lunch.

Here's the Sitch:
Place: Spork
Order: I got the Bacon Sandwich, which was amazing. So much bacon and melted cheese.
Price: $9 for the sandwich, $2 for the coke.
Atmosphere: Loved the outdoor seating and the quirk of the place. Overall it is still kind of a new restaurant so they have some kinks to work out, but the people were nice. This building is actually an old sonic that they converted into a restaurant. To see the transformation from fast food to casual dining was interesting. You could still pick out the bones of the old sonic building.
With: Awesome coworkers!
Rating: 4/5


Tuesday, October 13, 2015

There are some ages in life that you never think you will reach. For me 26 is one of those numbers. I don’t know why. To me 26 is much more serious than 25. If you are goofing off at 25 that is understandable, but if you at goofing off at 26 then what are you doing with your life? Everyone reading this that is older than 26 is shaking their heads and rolling their eyes. I see you.

I am getting older and it’s strange. I still feel 16.
Except for now I only have to listen to my parents if I want to.

So much has changed over the past year. I've lived in three different apartments. Moved from Illinois to Texas. Changed Jobs. Opened an Etsy Shop. Traveled to Portland, Copenhagen, Sweden, Utah, Idaho, Kentucky, Indiana, NYC, North Carolina & Austin, TX. Decided to get honest with myself. Let go of guilt. A brother got married. A sister went to college. I gained some weight.

I am feeling more comfortable in my own skin. I don’t look in the mirror anymore with self hate. I am trying to look at things objectively and decide what I think about them. Trying to form my own opinions. Do gut checks. Say no. Make sure that I am not bandwagon jumping. Or bandwagon jumping sometimes and not feeling bad about it. Letting myself be emotional. Finally getting finances under control.

I feel happy.

Things I love: Diet Coke with Lime. Michael. Taylor Swift. Gilmore Girls. Snapchat. Madewell. Family.
Things I hate: Uncomfortable Clothing. Short jokes (you think I haven’t heard those before?).
Most frequent question: “When are you guys having kids?”
Normal Day: Wake up around 7:30, get to work before 9am, work work, eat, work, go to an exercise class, home, dinner, tv, read, bed.
Everyday Shoes: Birkenstocks.
Fave Outfit: Leggings with an oversized mens t-shirt.

And that is the state of the union as it belongs to Krystle.  

Dallas Eats // Jorg's Vienna Cafe

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The other day my Mom and I made lunch plans and we were looking for somewhere in the middle. While on was on yelp this Austrian Cafe popped up and I was like "YES!" I studied abroad in Vienna in 2010 and it was basically the BTOML (am I hip yet?). This place was charming, cute, and the food was totally authentic. It is pretty great to have my mom living so close. I love that instead of waiting for major holidays we can just meet up for lunch on a random weekday.

Here's the Sitch:
Order: We shared Bratwurst Sliders and Wiener Schnitzel.
Price: 12.50 for our bites and $11 for our Schnitzel. Very affordable for a sit down place in my opinion!
Atmosphere: It was a very cute little place with so many decorations. It makes you feel right at home with its Austrian pride. You could totally be nestled somewhere in the alps. This cafe was actually started by an Austrian Expat. They were however playing some bizarre music. I felt like I was at Disneyland, but I guess who doesn't love Disneyland? 
With: Christi (Mom!)
Rating: 5/5
A good old fashioned selfie to take us out. 

I hate blogging

Friday, September 25, 2015

I hate blogging. I hate feeling like I have to capture every moment perfectly to then regurgitate later. I hate feeling like I owe people explanations about choices that I make. I hate that people are mean and judgmental. I hate staring at the computer after work. I hate feeling obligated.

But on the other hand I love rereading my blog. I love the memories that I make. I love the stories that I create with words.  I love the people that I have met. I love scrolling through the photos. I love seeing how I change.

I guess blogging is exercise. Something that is pretty much the worst, but makes you feel awesome after. 

Dallas Eats // Simply Thai

In case you didn't know it, my parents moved to Dallas! Throughout our entire marriage Michael and I have been on our own, which was really important for where we were. However, now we get to enter this new stage of life living by family and so far it is really great. My family got a place up in Prosper, TX. Pretty much as north as you can get in the DFW metroplex. So on our way up there we stopped at a Thai place that Michael had tried once before and I have to say that it was delicious! It was located downtown Frisco on a quaint little street, which I honestly didn't think existed here.

Here's the Sitch
Place: Simply Thai
Order: Crab Avocado Spring Rolls (loved these), Panang Curry, and Pad Sewew.
Price: $30ish for 2 people, including and appetizer, two entrees, and two drinks.
Atmosphere: Eclectic. Lots of random decor that will keep your eyes busy.
With: Michael
Rating: 4/5  

Him & Her // Dallas Edition

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Him: Cane Rosso Pizza
Her: Sanabels Falafal Wrap

Him: Lil' Dickey, Wu Tang Clan, Intuition & Equalibrum
Her: The Wind & The Wave, The Weepies, T. Swift

Him: Silver iPhone 6
Her: Gold iPhone 6

Him: Danish Gummies
Her: Diet Coke with lime

Him: Tweeting before bed (@perkins_michael)
Her: Snapchatting before bed (@krystleperkins)

Him: Scion
Her: Honda

Him: Terriers
Her: Gilmore Girls
Both: Borgen & ANTM

Him: 29
Her: 25 (almost 26!)

Him: Playing pool while watching Netflix
Her: Weaving while watching Netflix

Him: Khaki shorts and his story plot t-shirt
Her: Leggings and an oversized mens Abominable Snowman tee

Him: German Sheppard
Her: Labradoddle

Him: Works from Home
Her: 10 minute commute

I used to do a bunch of these posts over at Harley & Jane. They are fun.  

My Little Brother Got Married

Friday, September 4, 2015

I had the opportunity to attend my little brothers wedding two weeks ago and it was so bizarre. Being the oldest of five kids, this was my first foray into the whole “my siblings are actually growing up and maybe I am not 18 anymore” feeling. Life just smacked me in the face and said “WAKE UP. IT’S HAPPENING.” 

My brother, who is two years my junior, and I were pretty inseparable growing up. Riding bikes, building forts, playing legos. At one point my parents were doing some landscaping in the backyard and they had this giant mound of dirt delivered. Everyday after school my brother and I were out in the dirt burrowing tunnels through it. Digging out passageways in our hideout. It must’ve been dangerous because the tunnels could have collapsed, but we were so happy and when you’re a kid that stuff doesn’t cross your mind. We would come inside and every inch of us would be covered in grit. Dumping out the pockets of our jeans leaving little dirt mounds in the laundry room as we tried to shake it all off. We would climb trees trying to see who could get the highest. We would lay in the driveway under umbrellas while it was raining. Build lego houses for our cat. Watch Power Rangers. It was a great time to grow up and a great time to have a side kick.

Then puberty happened and we weren’t so close. He was a quiet and moody teenager. I was pretty self absorbed worrying about friends and boys. We ran in different groups. The two year age gap suddenly felt enormous. I remember one conversation where he asked me if I had ever French Kissed my boyfriend. Hah! Looking back I think we could have been such great assets for each other. But ah retrospect right?

Then I went to college and for whatever reason we talked more than we ever had when we were teens. Phone calls catching up and for advice. Suddenly we were friends and he had transformed into this pleasant, easy going, smart dude. It is so weird when that happens. When your younger siblings aren’t annoying anymore and start turning into real awesome people. 

And this weekend he got married. My little brother is somehow old enough to be in love.

Right around the time he got back from his mission he was always asking me, “What’s it like to wake up next to the person you love everyday?” and I was just like, “Uh… it’s fine?” I’ve never been a romantic you see, but my brother on the other hand had become this romantic guy infatuated by love and loving. The ultimate romantic. He had so much love to give! Then all of a sudden this girl came into the picture that just stole his heart from the first moment he danced with her. I remember him giving me the play by play of their first date and you could just hear it in his voice. 

He was hers. 

Such a strange wonderful thing. To have a sibling, someone you have known their whole life, belong to someone else. This lovely girl he has chosen seems to realize how lucky she is to have found him and that is all I could ask for. For someone to love him as deeply as he loves. I never would have guessed that my younger moody video game obsessed baby brother would grow into this loving adult man, but here we are and life continues. Love you dude. I'm a pretty proud big sister.


Thursday, September 3, 2015

In an effort to improve my photography skills I have decided that I need to take more photos with my real camera. We all love iPhones but sometimes a DSLR is just better. The way I have decided to go about this is by using the A Beautiful Mess Capture Real life in 52 Weeks E-course. This should be a fun way to preserve my year along with improving my photography skills. Here is week 1's challenge:

Morning: First thing Michael and I do in the morning is check our phones. Duh. I was able to catch our apartment on a day after we had cleaned everything so it looked so tidy and cute. What I wouldn't give for white walls. Ah the renters life. This was also the rare morning where I actually ate breakfast.
Night: I normally don't like taking pictures unless I can do it in natural light so this was a stretch for me. This night I was responding to my Pen Pals and I always catch up on snap chat right before I go to bed.
Does anyone else have this E-course?  

The Wooden Spoon

Monday, August 31, 2015

In an effort to love Dallas more I came up with the idea of "Satur-Dallas" which is just a "super clever" (please note the sarcasm) way of saying that every Saturday Michael and I are going to go somewhere new. Try a new restaurant, see a new shop, maybe explore the outdoors? Anything and everything! In my opinion Dallas doesn't present the cool things about it well. The fun hip spots are hidden behind all the freeways and shiny glass buildings. So once a week we are going to go looking for it. I need some inspirations. I'm planning on toting my DSLR along with me to try and get better at taking/editing pictures. And so it begins.

This Saturday we went to The Wooden Spoon. It is a scandinavian focused store up in Plano. Because Michael is straight Danish we decided to go check it out to see if we could acquire a few tastes of home. It is located in kind of a weird area in an old house. They have some authentic scandinavian candy (not our favorite kinds but it would do in a pinch) and food. Overall the store is a little kitschy, but cute. I was hoping there would be pastry. This will be a great resource during the holidays when I need some pre-made Julehjerte for decorations. The lady running the store was of norwegian descent. It seems like they have a fun little scandinavian community up there. Apparently in Octorber there is going to be a Smørresbrød Sunday (bread and butter sunday) so we need to come up for that. Hopefully we can meet some other Dallas Danes.
And we vlogged the whole thing! After the break.