CHICAGO EATS // Fat Willy's Rib Shack

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Last night was a date night! We haven't gone out to a sit down in a place for a while because we are trying to save money... blah blah... being an adult. We ended up here because Michael suggested it. He had been here once before with friends and wanted me to try it out. I have to say... A+! There is something so comforting about stuffing your belly full of meat and carbs. Afterwards we walked across the street to the movie theater to see the new Hunger Games movie. I have to say that it felt very much like a "part 1." Essentially, things happened, but nothing was resolved teeing all the big plot lines up for the next movie. That said, it was still great and J-Law is my girl. Plus we got to sit in the front row next to the metal bars so I had a place to prop my feet during the whole movie. Solid. An enjoyable night indeed.

Here's the Sitch
Place: Fat Willy's 
Order: Half order of the Pulled Pork Sandwich, with a side of colesaw and sweet potato tater tots. Also, I do have to mention... Pepsi products which means no diet coke. Water for this girl.
Price: $11.00ish
Atmosphere: Fun vibe. The place is really small so it feels super cozy. Can I also saw that I really appreciated their impeccable bathrooms that had painted pigs all over them? Amaze.
With: Michael Husband
Rating: Delicious BBQ times ten. 4.5 stars.

3rd Year Anniversary Pictures // Let's Do Lunch

Monday, November 10, 2014

This is one of our favorite sandwich spots in our neighborhood - Bahn Mi. I remember when we moved into our apartment this summer. The whole thing was completely empty except for one box. We grabbed a BBQ beef for me and a lemongrass chicken for Michael and had a little picnic on the hardwood floor. Good way to kick off our new place.

Chicago Eats // Shake Shack

Thursday, November 6, 2014

I've decided that I am going to chronicle all of the new places that I eat in Chicago. Eating is quite seriously my #1 hobby. 

Chicago got a Shake Shack this week! Huzzah times a million. I can officially join the trendy social quarter that eats at Shake Shack on the regular. Because it just opened this week there was a line situation. My friend Linzi was gracious enough to take care of the bulk of the wait. I showed up at the last minute and just climbed into the front of the line with her. Forgive me. With this bad boy only 5 blocks from work I might have a serious waist line issue. 

Here's the Sitch
Place: Shake Shack
Order: Shack Burger, Salted Carme"L" Concrete, Root Beer, Crinkle Fries. Pure Delicious Gluttony.
Price: $16.47 - a little steep in my opinion, but then again I did order basically everything on the menu.
Atmosphere: Surprisingly relaxing. Quaint outdoor patio feel with the charming hanging lights. They also have the famous Chicago windows that completely open during the warmer months. Can't wait for that!
With: Linzi South (you might make me take this picture down...)
Rating: Two Thumbs up.

Come visit me and we can eat here?