Chicago First Apartment Digs

Thursday, October 4, 2012

This is the first apartment that we laid eyes on in the grand city of Chicago. I was immediately sold.  A 2 bedroom unit for a steal of a price if you ask me. PLUS a brand new dishwasher. After not having one for a year this was a pretty big selling point for me. The whole thing had been recently gutted and renovated so everything is nice and new just for us. I love the neighborhood. A stones through away from a busy street complete with a Starbucks, but still secluded enough to feel cozy. Michael was nervous because it was the first place we saw... but I was all like if we like it we should just do it! So we did. And then we went and saw the other apartments anyway. We saw one other that we really liked. It was bigger and spendier and in a happening part of town, but then we decided to make our first responsible decision as a young married couple in Chicago.

Making reasonable financial decisions doesn't seem to be our strong point, but I guess today was a win.
We are going to Ikea the crap out of this place and it is going to be cozy central.
I also get my own office, which is, the French would say, le awesome.

After walking around in Lincoln Park and day dreaming of what could have been, we had some gyro's, and then went back to the apartment we chose to walk around in the neighborhood. Good times. Then when we realized we were going to be driving home in rush hour traffic, we went to the movies instead. "Won't Back Down". My mom is cool like that. And from what I understand, so is Krystle's mom. We are a lucky pair (for a host of reasons).
Long story short: We move in Monday, and the adventure has begun.

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