last weekend was for tourists

Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday- 5/3/2013:
rainy walk
lunch with Jackie at Roti 
red line home
relax for five mintues
make a pizza with fresh tomatos
jackie gets a Turkey

Saturday- 5/4/2013:
wake up early (for a saturday)
bus and red line 
walk to Navy Peir
up in the ferris wheel
bus to red line
red line to jackson
walk to Sears Towers
go up to floor 103
stand in glass box 103 stories above the ground. 
run to catch red line
run to catch bus
run home
change faster than a crazy person
mo picks me up
to Garfeild park conservatory 
help mo shoot a wedding- i held the reflector and loaded some film. 
go to revolution brewery 
load film
michael picks me up
drive to china town
tripple crown duck meal 
walk around china town
avocado drink

Sunday- 5/5/2013:
wake up early for church meeting
meet with ward council 
stake president
long meeting
walk outside for a second
go to three hours of church
more meetings after church
go home
sit down play sequence 
get comfy
go to wrigley ville
go to buckingham fountain
go to planetarium 
go to oz park 
go home
play nertz 
make cinnamon rolls
eat two cinnamon rolls
pass out. 

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