Barcelona is for Lovers

Sunday, August 18, 2013

I have been going through a ton of photos lately. I have an ambitious goal to make a photo book for every year of michael and I's marriage. Since we are rapidly approaching anniversary #2 (how did that happen?) I thought I better get started on the first one. hah. I spent about 5 hours on it tonight and while it isn't even close to completion I have had the best time walking down memory lane. My eyes are scratchy and my wrist hurts but my heart is full. I stumbled across these pictures from Barcelona that I haven't looked at for almost 2 years.

I laughed out loud at a few. we took these on our honeymoon. we are young without a care in the world. So in love. They make me happy.

Little Black Dress

Saturday, August 17, 2013

This dress is like wearing pajamas and I love pajamas.

The 4th

Friday, July 5, 2013

Yesterday was Michael and I's first Fourth of July together ever! So it was pretty exciting. We have been together for over three years we have just never been able to spend it with each other.

2010: i was in vienna. he was in rexburg.
2011: he had to study for a big test. i was with my family.
2012: i was in chicago. he was in provo.

The day started with sleeping in until 8:30. Super luxurious. Then Michael ran over to a friends house for some marinade and I did a few things around the house. He came back and did a little work while I made a huge batch of salsa. It is basically my favorite food. We had some friends invite us to the beach, but it was crowded so we just went over to their house. I wore my swimsuit under my clothes. Michael didn't. He was the smart one, considering there was no water in sight. There was good food, a million children, and fun. We dipped out around 2:45pm because the TVC show Scandal was calling our name. We have been blasting through the second season. We watch like 2-3 episodes a day. We also took a nap. I love the idea of a nap, but I always wake up grumpy... so maybe I am a defective nap taker.

Then we made stuffed mushrooms and drove over to Michael's friends house. His name is Matt and his woman is named Tiffany and they have a son named Storm. Apparently everyone we hang with now has children. So that's new. They have a condo on the top floor with an amazing view of the Chicago skyline. Basically we had a 360 view of all the fireworks happening all over Chicago. It was pretty magical. We also ate delicious food and chatted about life in general.

There was a long talk about Freedom in there too. And while we were talking about that I felt really blessed. Discussing freedom with bright lights in the sky celebrating our country and all of those who help keep it free. I'm super grateful that I live here.

Then after hours of firework viewing, Michael and I drove home, watched another episode of Scandal, then went to bed. We are so hip.

White Paint

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Oh today.

From the moment I left my apartment today it would seem that I was destined to be annoyed. Normally I don't allow myself to rant, but rant today I must.

I opened the door to leave my apartment and I was surprised to see painters blocking my exit. In a fit of surprise I dodged them and slipped out the door, to the pathway, to the street, on my way to the bus. As I turned onto Hoyne street I looked down and noticed something white on my arm. Weird. I tried to brush it off. It wasn't coming off. I looked down at my shirt. My skirt. All covered in splotches of white.... what.... PAINT?! How of how did this happen. I turn and run back to my apartment and accost the painter "How did this happen?" He points to the door frame. Oh yes. They had just painted the door frame and in my attempt to sidestep the painters right outside my apartment I ran my entire right side into a fresh coat of white paint.

 I was so upset. I have a lot of skirts, but this was my favorite. This skirt was a splurge from Anthropologie that I wore in my engagement pictures. I have a weird attachment to particular items of clothing. I said to the painter, "Why are there no signs! Why didn't you warn me?!" No response. I am guessing he didn't speak English-- or at least pretended not to so he didn't have to deal with my crazy side. I ran into the apartment- my heart was racing. I found Michael in the shower. "Look what happened!" I said in a fit a rage and sadness with my heart racing.

I took my shirt off and threw it under the water of his shower. It didn't come off. I took of my skirt and threw in under the water. Nothing. I threw them down on the shower floor defeated and walked away. I begin pacing in the living room. I sent an aggressive text to my landlord saying "WHY OH WHY ARE THERE NO SIGNS? I COULD HAVE EXITED A DIFFERENT DOOR."

Finally, I laid on the black leather couch. The coolness of the leather allowed me to regain my composure. After becoming a reasonable person again I went back to talk to Michael - and there he was, in the shower, naked, picking the white paint off of my favorite black shirt and shirt with his finger nail. He held it up for inspection. "I think I have go most of it out."

I don't know if I will be able to wear them again, but he is literally the best human on this planet.

Orange Dress

Monday, May 13, 2013

Michael is taking some pretty rad pictures. I would say it came from all of my wonderful coaching, but this kid just really has an eye for it. He has never even taken a photography class either. I'm impressed.

last weekend was for tourists

Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday- 5/3/2013:
rainy walk
lunch with Jackie at Roti 
red line home
relax for five mintues
make a pizza with fresh tomatos
jackie gets a Turkey

Saturday- 5/4/2013:
wake up early (for a saturday)
bus and red line 
walk to Navy Peir
up in the ferris wheel
bus to red line
red line to jackson
walk to Sears Towers
go up to floor 103
stand in glass box 103 stories above the ground. 
run to catch red line
run to catch bus
run home
change faster than a crazy person
mo picks me up
to Garfeild park conservatory 
help mo shoot a wedding- i held the reflector and loaded some film. 
go to revolution brewery 
load film
michael picks me up
drive to china town
tripple crown duck meal 
walk around china town
avocado drink

Sunday- 5/5/2013:
wake up early for church meeting
meet with ward council 
stake president
long meeting
walk outside for a second
go to three hours of church
more meetings after church
go home
sit down play sequence 
get comfy
go to wrigley ville
go to buckingham fountain
go to planetarium 
go to oz park 
go home
play nertz 
make cinnamon rolls
eat two cinnamon rolls
pass out. 

A Pink Dress and Some Wind

Sunday, April 7, 2013

I remember the day that I found this lovely dress at the D.I. in Provo. It screamed... TAKE ME HOME-- so I did. It cost me 6 dollars. I have had it for about 4 years now and only worn it once, yet I have carted it from apartment to apartment and now across state lines. I knew it possessed some sort of magic I could just never figure out how to harness. Turns out all this little dress needed was some Chicago wind. 

Lincoln Park Zoo Scavenger Hunt

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

how to have a scavenger hunt zoo date:
1. go online and google your closest zoo -- ours happens to the be the Lincoln Park zoo in Chicago. It is also free. Score!
2. Write down a list of attractions. They can be anything. Ours included a bird with a moustache, squirrels eating human food, a more birds this way sign, and your evil animal mascot if you were a super villain.
3. go to the zoo.
4. search for the things on your list and take pictures along the way!
p.s. michael totally came up with this idea himself. color me impressed.